Posted :Sunday, January 6, 2019; by reny Send Maill   

india really dont know how to respect to others. make noisy even mid night.put a lot of rubish or unwanted things at the back of the house or in front of neighbour gate.parking and block infront of neighbour house or block the road.before you judge me or my comment here.please come and see. at taman sri muda seksyen 25 shah alam and taman sentosa klang here.i am sure you all will understand what is our feeling.the most simply signal like someone aduan at this website below here. one of the resident complaint that JIRAN INDIA KERING BAJU AT THE GATE OF NEIGHBOUR HOUSE.yes.he/she are right.india only did these to others race.because the taman i mention here are under control by india“s gangster.area neareat sek men tmn sri muda here also always we can see indias student with school uniform fighting anywhere. buying ciggerette beer.but there like to show samseng infront of other race.i thnk this is the educated from their family.i saw one of the india guy parking their BMW at the corner just enjoying his phone conversation.even many car hon.he dont care.back of my house also fully rubish.the indias neighbour job. when we talk to them.they can talk properly and want to fight.

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