Petugas KTM tiada etika

Posted :Monday, July 23, 2018; by Razali Shamsudin Send Maill   

Dalam perjalanan ETS9202 dari KL Sentral ke Alor Setar pada 23/7/2018 antara jam 12.00 hingga 12.35 tgh. saya berada di koc kafeteria ETS mendapati 3 org petugas KTM berbual-bual sambil minum di tempat duduk kafeteria berkenaan tanpa rasa simpati kpd penumpang2 lain yg berdiri menanti giliran utk duduk. Hanya terdapat 4 tempat duduk shj di kafeteria berkenaan.

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130 days ago by Salini    [ Send Maill ]

Hi, few minutes ago, i was queue up to buy komuter ticket at ktm Taiping, and when my turn came i told him about my destination to, so he said the ticket price n i gave him Rm50, suddenly out of no where he shouting at me infront of people, if the ticket seller doesnt have sufficient money means its not my problem and he dont have amy rights to shout at the customer talk rudely, this is not the first time this issue is happening, it keeps on repeating, this shows the man doest have an attitude towards the customer, n he is racism, why im telling this is because one malay girl also gave rm100 bt to tat girl he can talk in a good manner, just because im an indian he treated me rudely??? So racism that ticket seller, thus i hope so ktm head department or customer service to take serious action. Tq

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